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Fiona And Arthur Cristian

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Since 2006, we have used this 2006 family photo
as a non-government-registered trademark for all the
Love For Life insights and the Kindom project
work we do. Arthur & Fiona Cristian 01/12/2006

This website is about the creation of a sustainable, off-grid village in the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia, demonstrating how community life was long ago, well before imperial invasions began bringing the fiction of The System, their civilisation, into the lives of what remained of all our conquered ancestors who lived in villages and tribes all across earth. We are all the Kindom descendants of village and tribal families who lived amongst an earth-wide paradise, that was never part of any "Dark Ages" as promoted by imperialist propaganda. The System we are all living amongst today is the Dark Ages, and we go into great detail about how it is, & why we must get out of the Dark Ages (fiction) in this life. Arthur Cristian

Note: If you have been visiting loveforlife.com.au since 2006: loveforlife's 5000+mb Drupal 5 database received over 440 million unique ip address visits to the home page until it started experiencing a series of intense bot attacks that crippled thousands of other websites in the pair.com server/s between 2014 and 2018. The database gradually got damaged and pair management moved it into a sub-domain within Fiona's pair account in July 2018, where it still remains. We have plenty of backups but the cost to rebuild the database into Drupal 8 or 9 is expensive and until we rebuild it and put it back into the public domain as a continued free service, we have created two basic loveforlife.com.au html web pages. You are now reading the second one, starting in February 2024, and click here to view the first one uploaded February 2019. As of the 11th March 2024, the WayBack Machine, web.archive.org, now has 750 captures of the entire Love For Life website database between the 8th January 2007 & the 1st July 2018 Original 2006-2018 Love For Life Website Wayback Machine Records - Fiona & Arthur Cristian

SOCIAL MEDIA - Arthur's 2007-2008 Facebook wall Arthur Cristian was hijacked in July 2023 and has since been turned into Ik Ogbonna. Many of the thousands of Arthur's insight posts, including photos and comments have been altered or deleted. Arthur now uses Fiona's Facebook wall Fiona Cristian and Ironbark Farm Aust Facebook Wall, and the now partly compromised Love For Life Kindom Facebook Group Wall. The other 5 Love For Life Facebook Group walls we were using since 2010 have also been stolen. We continue to use our old Youtube channel ArthurLoveForLife.

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The Cristian Family And Love For Life
Pledges - Declarations - Disclaimers - Disclosures
Posted Between 2005 and 2009

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11th March 2024, This new Love For Life Webpage is currently under construction, with most articles still under development, requiring sectional rewrites and editing. When we have completed everything, ideally before October 2024, our web developer will use all the material gathered here to build the new Ironbark Farm Australia Kindom Village Website http://ironbarkfarm.org and http://ironbarkfarm.com will divert to http://ironbarkfarm.org. Fiona and Arthur Cristian.

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Kin as in a tribe, clan or large family of brothers and sisters living together powerfully and peacefully in a village where everyone is living for the greater good of the village (tribe/family/clan) and the village is taking care of everyone. Dom, as in a state or fact of being freedom or those having a (specified) occupation, interest, or character as in Kindom, where everyone, living ONLY through the good heart and all its virtues, is truly free and conscious of doing no harm to each other, living by full responsibility for everything we each think/feel/dream and do for the motherland of our Kindom.

The Kindom Village is eventually made up of Kin-Domains, a piece of land no more than 1 hectare/2.471 acres for each family, couple or single to live on and care for as their family land. Kindom is where all the good bits of the motherland are there for everyone to enjoy, while we all take the worst bits and transform them back to paradise in every Kin Domain, but this only happens after we have completely built the community infrastructure for the Mudroom of the Kindom Village, including food forests, kitchen gardens and orchards.

MAN (men, women, children) was meant to be undefined, raised by nature with no one EVER inside our heads telling us how to dream*** our real lives. To define another MAN is to create CULTS of unnatural sameness lifestyles (models), which is what The System is all about. This is the MAN-made dark side that is fiction. *** Thoughts, feelings and dreams are one and the same, and it is only in fiction that we imagine they are not. This website explains the fiction and how it works in great detail.

The Mud Room of Kindom is where we master making decisions from the good heart and all its virtues rather than under the influence of FICTION, including the e-motions of doubt, uncertainty, distrust, suspicion, fear, fantasy, narcissism with its ownership attachments, and numerous other destructive e-motions that keep us from living by the virtues of the good heart. Kindom is not a buy in, or a "what's in it for me?", or a follow-the-one in front lifestyle. The System we were all raised in is a cult of many cults, derived from high-level ocCULTic practices, that completely ends in the Mudroom of Kindom.

Arthur & Fiona Cristian

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Ironbark Farm Aust North East to North West
Panorama Photos Taken 30th May 2024 10.30am

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Our worship of fiction that is The System and everything of The System, has evolved through generations of the constant absorption of ocCULTic practices and rituals to be the chaos we are currently experiencing. This evolution of misguided perceptions of reality, resulting in unnatural power and control structures, is the anti-life worship of fiction in action. The good heart with all its virtues has been set aside allowing the worst of MAN to flourish. We are the consciousness of life and this intelligence was meant to nurture, protect and expand life in all its magnificent and abundant glory, but life is now so lost in fiction that we don't recognise, appreciate and respect life. Instead we desecrate life to promote fiction that destroys life and causes genocide to all of life. This website provides the big picture behind The System and the remedy to it, Kindom. Note: though we are not religious, we feel that the word Christ means life and the word God means life, and that we are all of life, and therefore the word Anti-Christ means Anti-Life (fiction).

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Overview Satellite Shot
Google Link Zoom In or Out

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If we are determined to not let go of our last breath, drink or meal, refusing to let it go, claiming ownership over it, our body quickly dies. When we hold on to belief, faith and associated opinion, we have become obsessed with the fiction of ownership and we are unwilling to let go of what we claim we own, leaving us trapped in the fiction of the past and the future of holding on to ownership and no longer present to sense the intelligence of the good heart of life all-around-us communicating its consciousness of life, which is freedom, freedom, freedom, directly with us, here and now, in the eternal present. Allowing the intelligence of the good heart and all its virtues to deeply affect us has us naturally experience true freedom, peace, joy, calmness, happiness, paradise, etc, none of which we own.

There is no past or future, only the present sense of here and now but, when we drag the fiction of ownership of the past with us and focus on it, we re-create the ownership as our future because we keep recalling the scripts of doubt, uncertainty, fear, instability, distrust, etc, operating behind the behaviour of ownership that have us create the same ownership scripts in our present and future as they are already mapped out on the road of ownership before us. There is no freedom in this but we are trapped here thanks to constant reminders from Hollywood, media, social media, law, religion and politics, as well as our day to day lives of making ends meet and seeing everyone else also struggling in a combined effort of maintaining ownership. We have been conditioned into thinking that ownership of fiction = freedom, but ownership is the opposite of freedom on the land.

Going to work everyday is our defence mechanism against experiencing the threats of homelessness, poverty, malnutrition, violence, humiliation, failure, shame, etc, because we think that ownership in The System will provide us with security and certainty, and protect us from these experiences. The doubt, uncertainty, distrust and fear is resonating behind our pursuit of money and ownership and this is why we take on mortgages that will take 25 to 40 years to pay off and result in us paying the bank 3 to 4 times the value of the house. The doubt, uncertainty, distrust and fear is behind commercial contracts, leases, bills, taxes, fines, penalties, incarceration, etc, all of which are fiction. Just because we are all acting out the scripts of these destructive e-motions all the time and watching others do the same, doesn't mean it is reality.

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The System, and everything of The System, is unnatural. Everything physical and material of The System is made from distorted nature that has been carved up, burned, mined, treated, concocted and disfigured to be in the image of the constructs and concepts of a man-made artificial intelligence known as alphabet languages, none of which have any basis in reality where the intelligence of nature operates. Brought up in The System, through the alphabet languages, we learn to bond with distorted feelings we call e-motions, and through distorted feelings we practice integrating with physical and material distortions of life, FICTION, which is what The System is.

Through explanation, instruction, education, suggestion, indoctrination and the inculcation of imaginary definitions, we become the distortions of life forming unnatural bonds with the physical, material forms of fiction, The System. Having already become The System, we are complicit in supporting and expanding The System, setting the example for children to also participate in worshipping The System and, collectively, this validates the norms of a reality that is actually abnormal for everyone trapped in The System performing likewise. This is the intelligence of distorted feelings derived from the definitions of alphabet languages. When we give our life energy to the definitions, we are creating the distorted feelings of the fiction we are focused on.

All intelligence is feelings and nature is the natural feelings emanating as the substance of life we always engage with to expand the consciousness of our natural intelligence. The feelings we have when we are raised by nature undefined (no one inside our heads telling us how to dream our lives) are the natural dreams that we each create for our unique lives through our access to the pure and sincere intelligence of life, that being the senses that are undefined. This is what we refer to as the good heart and all its virtues that we use to expand the consciousness of our true nature as the domain of our real lives we each create through free-will.

When we are fully conscious, we will never harm anything of nature because the intelligence of nature is who we already are and, through the senses of this natural intelligence of life, guides us instinctively to do no harm to what we are part of. The dreams we create this way are the natural conscience of nature communing through us as the natural intelligence of life.

The artificial intelligence behind the e-motions of The System, the alphabet languages and their definitions, does not bond us to the natural intelligence of nature. What is meant to be our natural intelligence has been severely compromised and our behaviour and attitudes have been infected by fiction, bringing confusion to the intelligence of our real lives as we mix the fiction in with the intentions of the virtues of the good heart in the domains of our real lives. We are eating fiction, drinking fiction, listening to fiction, wearing fiction, sleeping in fiction, being entertained by fiction, etc, hence the distortions forming sickness and disease, divorces, misguided relationships and everything else of the chaos of disharmony caused by working with the destructive e-motions and allowing them into our domains. We are now relying on a fake intelligence made up of definitions that actually disconnects us from the intelligence of our real lives with nature. The black and white has become grey.

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This is an extract from an article called "Corporation Australia" that we wrote in 2006-2007 to save our family home due to corruption/organised-crime coming off the back of the battles we went though with Macquarie Bank, the NSW Supreme Court, other members of The Bar, government departments, agents and representatives. Amongst a plethora of true historic themes, this article explains the background to how Australian Citizens went from the gold standard to fiat currency, how fractional reserve banking works, and why the Australian Constitution was never ratified, leading to most Australians becoming refugees on their motherland. Since we wrote this article, our work has evolved a lot, especially in terms of being conscious of using the correct meanings, phonetics, etymology and letters of the English Alphabet Language encoded in words, but there is still so much pertinent stuff in there that we are including a section of it here. Though found in this article, over the years we stopped using words like "human being", "human", "humanity", "civilisation", "society", "world", etc, because they are based in fiction where we, MAN, have forgotten who we really are and what we are really part of. Where we use words or phrases like "Mammons", "crime syndicate", "those at the top", "tiny few", "higher levels of government", "money power", etc, we are talking about the high level ocCULTists/Freemasons and their international network of lackeys and intelligence operatives working underneath them. A few minor edits, and extra inclusions, have been performed during the copy-paste process, 16th July 2024. Arthur and Fiona Cristian


If the air is poisoned, we are all poisoned. Whatever harm is being done to the Cristian family is also being done to you and everyone and everything you care for and love. What stops us coming together to really stand up for each other reveals the depth of social engineering and destructive e-motional forces already performed on us to turn us into self centred in-divide-u-all-s trapped in narcissism, unable to expand from the good heart to do what needs to be done for the greater good of all at all times ----> "she'll be right mate" - "no worries mate" - "they will fix it" - "what are they going to do about it?" - "its not my problem" - "it's not happening to me", etc, etc.

We have written Corporation Australia to share the knowledge and insights we have gained about the so-called Lucky Country and the human condition. What we have discovered is that the real power in Australia is the crime syndicate’s debt finance/credit creation system that we all use. This fiat currency has become the dictatorship that controls us.

The crime syndicate exists for the huge rewards available for those behind the credit creation/debt finance system. The members are the higher levels of government, the law and the banks, protecting and upholding the power to produce “nothing money”. When we borrow credit, it is not money that comes from a savings account that is shifted into your account. If a friend withdraws $100.00 to lend you, the debit from his/her bank account, and the subsequent credit in your account, can be plainly seen. With “nothing money”/fiat currency there is no such debit in the bank’s books. They have literally created the credit out of nothing and called it money and they charge us a fee for doing so. This is where our financial problems begin.

Money is supposed to exist ONLY so we can exchange and share our fruits of labour (goods and services), but the credit of fiat currency now dominates our relationships and our lives in a way that nothing else of life does. The debt finance/credit creation system is the power and control that the private corporate world exercises over the rest of us, like a disease overtaking a healthy body. This “nothing money” disease is gradually destroying our security, our freedom and the trust between us.

What we are attempting to do is show how this psychotic disease has spread throughout our society to affect us all and how we need to develop our communities collective immune system to heal this disease. When we don’t have a strong immune system, we get sick and the disease gradually spreads around our bodies, taking an organ here, a limb there, a gland, another organ until our bodies can no longer function and we die. In the same way, our society is being gradually eroded by the symptoms of corruption, collusion and deceit. Without community immunity civilisation will re-enter the dark ages.

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On the 21st October 2022, through gifts provided and heartfelt inspiration, we moved onto Ironbark Farm Aust (Australia), 597 Temagog Road, Temagog, 2440, NSW, a debt-free, 27 acre property on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, located roughly 25 minutes drive from the city center of Kempsey.

Video: Ironbark Farm Aust as it was when purchased Aug-Oct 2022

The gentle north facing undulation of this land is within a small, intense pocket of the Macleay-Macpherson Overlap. Across the seasons we have a temperate, mild-frost to sub-tropical climate, with average temperatures ranging between 2 celsius / 35.6 fahrenheit to 40c/104f, and occasionally -2c/28.4f to 50c/122f occurring every 5 years or so.

Late afternoon photos taken on the 30th May 2024
while walking around the 15+ acre north facing field
where the food forests, permaculture swales, orchards,
billabongs, botanical gardens, green sweeping fields,
etc, are to be built.

Being 40 kilometres, as the crow flies, from the east coast line, at an elevation of 73 metres / 240 feet, we are almost at the base of the Great Dividing Range located south-west to north-west behind Ironbark Farm, with nearby mountains ranging in height between Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie of 1040+ meters (3412+ feet) to 1,258 meters (4,127 ft). This allows us to establish strategic wind and sun-traps to form small tropical climate areas so we can grow all types of food, all year round = PARADISE.

Going further south-west from Port Macquarie, the highest mountain in the Mid North Coast region is Bromlow Top at 1586 meters (5203 feet), which is located in the Barrington Tops National Park. The 2024 population of the NSW Mid North Coast region, going from south at Port Stephens at Hawks Nest to north at Woolgoolga, near Coffs Harbour, a distance of 355 kilometres, appears to be around 400,000.

 photo Love For Life Rainbow line_zpsqiqrwoyg.jpg


From this land, it is a 12 minute drive to our local village, Willawarrin, and a 25 minute drive to Kempsey, 60 minutes to Port Macquarie, and 85 minutes to Coffs Harbour, major towns servicing roughly 250,000 people. For glorious beaches, it is a 45 minute drive to Crescent Head, 50 minutes to Hat Head and 60 minutes to South West Rocks. In all directions we are surrounded by many fantastic national parks, reserves, lookouts, water holes, waterfalls, long or short tracks, wild beaches, and native wildlife is aplenty.

Maps - Directions - Location - Property Overviews
Photos found randomly on the net

Kempsey Region Attractions - Crescent Head, Hat Head,
South West Rocks, mountains, lookouts, Macleay River
Photos found randomly on the net

 photo Love For Life Rainbow line_zpsqiqrwoyg.jpg

Ironbark Farm 6th To 9th August 2022 as it was before we moved in and before the clean-up began - 108 photos

The cleanup of Ironbark Farm begins November 2022
and still continues - 359 photos

How Ironbark Farm looked
12th February 2024
Photo album contains 346 photos

This photo was taken 21st September 2023

How Ironbark Farm looked 2nd April 2024 after slashing 70% of the land and collecting, sawing & stacking tree limbs. Thanks to the October 2023 man-made bushfires, there are still a few more acres of cleaning up to go.
Photo Album Contains 376 Photos

Particularly upon the 15+ acre field with its north facing undulation, we have been performing a series of strategic, ongoing, long-cut slashing on Ironbark Farm using our Razorback (Carnycom) CMX2106 Ride On Slasher, to build up the carbon footprint which is now drawing up and holding the water table very close to the surface, without causing any heavy compacting on the surface, which happens with using larger, heavy tractors, with plenty of deep moisture on the surface. During the 9 months of drought, January to October 2023, the green field remained green while the wider region was mostly brown.

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Many dream of creating a sustainable lifestyle by learning to live in harmony with earth/nature as much as possible. Most people with this dream buy a small piece of land and set about homesteading; living off grid, growing and storing food, raising animals, home schooling, crafting and building. Most of them are still in commerce, perhaps still working in The System or selling produce and buying what they can't provide for themselves. So, while they are living as apart from The System as possible, they are still dependent on The System and many still enjoy some of the benefits of The System, such as being able to travel, do shopping, have entertainment or use council services.

Very few of them are living as true independent communities and therefore do not have community immunity, whereby a group of people who have moved past the fear of failure, loss and death, stand together no matter what is thrown at them, where harm done to one is harm done to all, and any man, woman, institution, organisation, government, etc, who targets a member of the community has to take on the whole community.

While we still depend on The System, it continues to roll along on its path of annihilation and devastation of the natural earth and of the men, women and children who live in The System. Homesteading while still being attached to The System does nothing to stop this onslaught. The remedy to The System is to withdraw completely from The System but, with the tiny few behind The System having taken almost complete control of land, food, water and shelter, this is very challenging to do.

Basically, almost everyone in The System is a refugee, be it on their motherland or not. Even if you think you own the land you are on, it can very easily be taken away from you while you are still using The System and do not have a strong community behind you to support you in standing up to the thugs and bullies employed to remind you of your place as a spoon-fed, second-class, system slave, a refugee on your motherland.

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Through the gradual acquisition and expansion of RU2 Land, adjoined to Ironbark Farm Aust or not, our dream is to find a group of villagers to co-create the Ironbark Farm Kindom Village, set amongst a paradise where there wasn't any, with almost everything built from scratch. We seek to demonstrate how village & tribal life was, pre-invasion long ago, where the people lived for the village and the kindom village took care of everyone.


Ironbark Farm Kindom Village will be a place of natural abundance with swimming holes, huge billabongs (dams), the sound of running water throughout the property, orchards, sweeping green fields, botanical gardens, food forests, organic vegetable and flower gardens, stands of trees, permaculture swales, bee hives, homes for geese, ducks, hens and larger animal friends, and native animal habitats.

108 photos of natural pools found randomly on the net

Running Water on Ironbark Farm, 160 Photos taken 7th April 2024
showing locations of new billabongs, water harvesting projects,
man-made waterfalls, rock-cliffs, platforms, regenerative agriculture,
and Key-Line interconnecting waterways providing both the sound
of running water no matter where you are on Ironbark Farm,
while also servicing orchards, food-forests, botanical gardens,
green fields, swimming holes, trees, native habitats and the care
of all other lifeforms and us.

Amongst this magnificent setting are simple homes for the villagers so that everyone has their space and privacy, as well as being able to enjoy the community infrastructure of a community building, natural sheds, workshops and storage facilities supporting a 100% off-grid, sustainable lifestyle.

 photo Love For Life Rainbow line_zpsqiqrwoyg.jpg

Natural Homes - Adobe, Strawbale, Cob, Earthship, Rammed Earth.
Tiny Homes, Cabins - Sustainable, Steel, Timber & Shed Homes.
Photos Found Randomly On The Net.

 photo Love For Life Rainbow line_zpsqiqrwoyg.jpg

Permaculture, Agroforestry/Syntropy, Hugelkultur,
Food Forests, Organic Gardens.
Photos Found Randomly On The Net.

 photo Love For Life Rainbow line_zpsqiqrwoyg.jpg


Just as we don't have to teach a puppy what it is to be a dog before it can become a dog because the puppy learns from the example of its mother and other dogs, so, in a village of fully responsible adults, we don't have to teach children what it is to be an adult before they can become one because they are already absorbing and learning from the intentions behind the actions and communications of those around them. They don't need to be taught to be a villager because they already are a villager from birth, practising full-responsibility and care for all of life in everything they do while they explore the natural earth, their true nature, interacting with animals, other life-forms and those around them.

Everything of life already has everything it needs (built in) when it first appears in the womb, seed, egg, etc, and as long as we do not interfere by telling children how to think, feel and act, the child is now no different to the puppy dog observing life as part of a pack. Through constant, inspired creativity, the sensory experiences (touch, taste, feel, smell, hear, see) naturally interacting with nature, compels everything instinctively built in to unfold and expand the real life of the dog without causing any loss of uniqueness and originality to the dog, the pack and to ALL of natural life interfacing with the pack. Collectively, they are the co-creation of the motherland of their true nature (life), the uncorrupted forests, valleys, plains, mountains and water systems of their BIG PICTURE Motherland.

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 photo Love For Life Rainbow line_zpsqiqrwoyg.jpg

Mushrooms-Fungus Found On Ironbark Farm
As we find more, we'll add them to this gallery

Between the 1st January 2024 and the 19th May 2024, we received 878mm of rainfall and all 3 dams are now full. The big dam that was around 3/4 to 4/5 empty after the 9 months of drought, Jan-Oct 2023, particularly after the October 2023 man-made bushfires when fire-trucks and fire-bombing helicopters sucked what they needed from it, is now full and close to overflowing.

 photo Love For Life Rainbow line_zpsqiqrwoyg.jpg


Currently being written.

 photo Love For Life Rainbow line_zpsqiqrwoyg.jpg


The Love For Life garden was started towards the end of 2011. We were keen to experiment with how much food we could grow in a small space, both to be able to feed our family and friends, and to inspire others living in small properties to grow food so that they were no longer so reliant on the supermarket chains.

In East Bowral, part of the NSW Southern Highlands not far from Sydney, we lived in a small cul-de-sac of 17 houses and we realised that, if everyone in the cul-de-sac took responsibility for growing something, whether fruit and nut trees if they were limited in time, or more needy vegetables if they had more free time, we would be able to feed not just the whole cul-de-sac but also people in the streets round about. Abundance can be created through a lot of effort by a few or a small amount of effort by many.

In 2005, we had moved to this 3 bedroom, free-standing rental property while we were fighting an organised crime syndicate operating within Macquarie Bank, The Bar, and the NSW Supreme Court, as everything that we had worked hard for, for 20 years from scratch, was being destroyed and stolen from us, up to $6 million in today's values; two solid cash flow businesses and our family home, all thanks to the switching of contracts we had nothing to do with.

With 3 little girls, a 4th on the way and our family facing poverty while being close to destitution, Arthur decided to completely pull out of The System as he watched everything being taken from him. He wanted to work out what had happened, why the criminals had impunity, how our family had no recourse, and why this was possible. Arthur also wanted to work out why he had been badly hurt for a long time through his childhood, and what had happened to his parents and grandparents before them, for them to be hurt and to pass on the hurt. Arthur ended up thinking right back to before anyone was hurt to pass on the hurt.

Fiona agreed to carry all the contracts under "name/NAME/Name" while Arthur dropped EVERYTHING. It's still like this today. We went from a steady $4k per week income in the 1990s to fortnightly Centerlink parenting payments (govt hand outs), and whatever gifts came freely from inspired supporters.

From 2006, searching for remedy, Arthur started the Love For Life website (a free not for profit service), YouTube channel, Facebook pages and email lists, and began researching, reading and talking to many hundreds of people in all fields of life, spending up to 16 hours per day, mostly 7 days per week, in front of the computer, on the phone and face to face. By 2007, the Drupal 5 database used to build the Love For Life website had become massive and it broke mainstream traffic flows as it promoted hundreds of important themes not known to most people in the public domain, although many people today are now aware of them.

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 photo Love For Life Rainbow line_zpsqiqrwoyg.jpg

How We Became Skilled Growing Food
In Humus 2012 to 2019

February-March 2019 Dismantling & Storing
The East Bowral Garden - Cleaning, Repairing
And Installing A New Lawn


 photo Love For Life Rainbow line_zpsqiqrwoyg.jpg


The ant colony was thriving; the babies were being taken care of in the nursery, the elderly were resting, foragers were bringing in food and builders were expanding the nest. Every ant knew its role in the colony and every ant strived every day to make sure they fulfilled those roles so that every ant had everything they needed to continue as members of the colony.

One day, an ant arrived at the colony. The ant was wearing clothes and carrying an ant-sized bag. The workers outside stared in amazement; they had never seen anything like this before. "Good morning!", said the ant. "Still working away for the good of the colony?" The other ants nodded. "I left my colony," the ant said. "Decided I didn't want to be looking after everyone else all day. Decided to look after myself for a while."

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 photo Love For Life Rainbow line_zpsqiqrwoyg.jpg

Another deep, minerally enriched humus garden bed we built
in Oakdale, NSW, during the Corona Lockdowns in 2021, while
still homeless. Most materials were scavenged from dump
piles found on this 64 acre farm that was once used as a
professional orchard. Unwilling to be vaxed, we had to move
and take the garden with us. We were there for 9 months.

 photo Love For Life Rainbow line_zpsqiqrwoyg.jpg


Roll up! Roll up! Roll up for a magic carpet ride through the wonderful world of The System where the choice is always yours! The magic carpet ride that takes you wherever you want to go to do whatever you want to do! Book your spot now for the holiday of your dreams! We are environmentally friendly, all our carpets are made from recycled materials and all rubbish is disposed of thoughtfully. What are you waiting for? Hop on-board!

Machine transport holidays are a magic carpet ride where the fantasy of the magic carpet floating on air is just an illusion of freedom from the everyday, humdrum existence, provided by multi-millions of men, women and children who have been kidnapped from the womb and turned into the commercial cogs of the wheels of "The System" slave machine that turns and turns its variable, commercial values and rates all across earth to provide the magic carpet ride illusion of a holiday or a little time off.

On every carpet are aeroplanes, trains, boats, cars, bikes, shops, restaurants, cafes, resorts, motorhomes, caravans, tents, streets and historical sites to choose from and there are holidays to suit every budget, from a day trip to a local amusement park to a journey in a private jet to a luxury resort. Those with no budget don't have an actual holiday but they can hop on a cheap carpet to the local pub for a bit of relaxation around the pool table.

Any time off from work is spent on mini carpet rides, whether going to the beach, the movies, a concert, or going to the hairdresser, a meditation retreat, a yoga class, a session with a counsellor or a psychologist or climb a mountain. Wherever they go in their spare time, a magic carpet takes them.

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 photo Love For Life Rainbow line_zpsqiqrwoyg.jpg

For 10 months during 2020, and in exchange for free rent while
still being homeless, we moved into the backyard of a 1/2 acre
property in Moss Vale, NSW, to build deep, minerally enriched,
humus garden beds, for a woman told by doctors that she
could die any minute. She paid for all materials & she's still alive.

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Man is not free, while land is not free.

Land, food, water, and shelter - the prerequisites for life - were once freely available to our ancestors across earth. Increasingly, our access to land, food, water, and shelter is being held to ransom. Our access to life's essentials is now available only to those who labour for a lifetime to lay claim to a small plot of land as "tenants" on land title deeds. Even these title deeds are borrowed, encumbered with contracts, values, taxes, mortgages, duties and 3rd party rights to minerals, oil, air space, land, etc, and cannot freely be passed down to our children and grandchildren.

And since when has a title deed stopped the incursion of the corona vaccination or a military/police state curfew or economic recessions, depressions and inflation causing the extreme chaos of a hostile world???

The vast majority of men, women, and children all across the earth are now refugees on their motherlands. We have been separated from our lands and lineages. Middlemen and middlewomen have dictated our relationship to land, food, water, and shelter based on an economic value that has nothing to do with a moral compass or conscience.

We have been forced to live in scarcity and survival, resulting in confusion, unhappiness, despair, rage, hatred, greed, and selfishness. All this has pushed us onto a path of the annihilation of everything we cherish of life and the natural world.

We have sat back and watched our dispossession, distracted by the empty trinkets of a commercial world, while that which we need to live has been fenced off, burnt, razed, drained, starved, parched, raped, and turned into inhospitable concrete jungles.

As much as we might like to point the finger at others for this destruction, we are ALL responsible for supporting and maintaining the systems that continue that devastation. We have lost respect for life, including our lives and this is why we accept the decimation of the life that we are.

Instead of creating lives where the respect for life is paramount, we are creating lives of no respect for life, hence the destruction and devastation to life all around us.

To turn back the tide of this decimation, every man, woman, and child must once again have free access to land, food, water, and shelter. We need these basics to live our lives as the respectful, rightful caretakers of all of life. At the same time, we need to learn to let go of the habits of destruction and instead form the habits of conservation, regeneration, responsibility, community, and do-no-harm, all of which come out of our respect for life.

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Since Nov 2022, we have had numerous waterwork issues

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The Following Sections Are Under Construction









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October 2023 Man-Made Bushfires and natures gradual recovery months later

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As of the 11th March 2024, the WayBack Machine, web.archive.org, now has 750 captures of the entire 5000+mb of data uploaded to the Drupal 5, Love For Life (LFL) website database http://loveforlife.com.au - the original website database captures are between the 8th January 2007 & the 1st July 2018.

Note: For many years, the enormous and free LFL database was attacked by millions of bots through a series of swarm attacks, primarily from the Ukraine, particularly between 2014 & early July 2018, when the last of these attacks interrupted & disabled the huge pair.com servers hosting thousands of websites, which also further damaged the LFL database in July 2018, forcing it to be moved into a Pair.com sub-domain within Fiona's still running Pair.com account, where it has been parked & protected ever since. Costing many thousands of dollars, when we can afford to rebuild and upgrade the extensive database, we will get it done and still have it FREE for anyone in the public domain to explore all its important information.

Up until early July 2018, you can access the captures of the whole database containing 11,500+ threads/nodes, containing well over 33,000+ individual documents, facsimiles of awesome webpages, research articles, pdf's, doc's, research papers, e-books, videos, podcasts, talks, facsimiles of books, biographies, journals, insights, etc, & thousands of the most interesting photos.

Between 2014 & 2018, various drupal nodes (threads) became damaged & may no longer appear correctly or have entirely disappeared. We do have many clean backups of the whole working database, which will be used to rebuild & upgrade to Drupal 8 or 9 or 10 when the time comes. Enjoy exploring hundreds of cutting edge themes, issues, subjects, interests, controversies, & historical facts, etc, mainstream media will not touch or have since been blocked, banned or twisted.

Original 2006-2018 Love For Life Website Wayback Machine Records

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Arthur & Fiona Cristian Recording The Introduction
To Kindom Video March 2015
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Supporting The Ironbark Farm Kindom Village Dream

Besides overseas gifts coming between July 2024 and March 2025, it is still going to take a team effort to gradually extricate our lives from all the middle men and women of The System and there are many ways to support this effort; those that have the time can contribute labour, those who have skills in trades, designs, permaculture, food forests, planning, business, crafts, food preparation, etc, can bring them to the table, those who have spare resources can add them to the tools and equipment we already have, those who have financial resources can donate. Ironbark Farm Kindom Village will be the sum of everything put into it by men, women and children who dream for lives apart from The System of harm doing and destruction. It is up to each of us to do what we can to make it happen.

The Big Picture of the Ironbark Farm Aust Kindom Village Dream can only continue with your support so, if you like what we are up for and doing and would like to help get the Village up and running faster, you are welcome to make a gift/donation with your credit card by clicking on the Stripe blue button below that says Donate. And wherever possible please mention gift with every donation, as this is not not a commercial-business arrangement/contract, etc. Fiona is not selling or buying anything.


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